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By lemaster 05 Oct, 2017

Howard Physical Therapy has recently added the K-Vest 3-D Kinematic Analysis system to their golf rehabilitation program. Recognized as the latest in technology for improving the golfer’s swing, kinematic analysis allows the clinician to look at key individual body movements at address and during the swing. This approach specifically identifies problems and swing flaws that are reducing power, and increasing the potential for injury. While video analysis still offers some benefit, it is unable to identify the actual components that need correction, or provide the customized training program necessary to fix those issues. When used in conjunction with the K-Player training program, each golf can find their own optimum swing. For more information, or to schedule a K-Vest Session, call Howard Physical Therapy at (716)656-1880.

By lemaster 05 Oct, 2017

In the past, clinicians have debated the benefits of using a flexible knee brace for treatment of pain under the knee cap related to osteoarthritis. One of the primary arguments against bracing was the belief that it would lead to weakening of the thigh muscle. A recent study reports that flexible bracing does not lead to muscle weakness, and therefore it should not be considered a factor when deciding on whether or not to use a brace for knee pain. For more information on the treatment of knee pain related to osteoarthritis, call Howard Physical Therapy at 716-656-1880 and ask to speak with one of the professional staff.

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By lemaster 05 Oct, 2017

A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that patients having moderate to severe osteoarthritis, who underwent a knee replacement followed by therapy, generally did better at a one-year follow-up than those who only received physical therapy. However, the authors went on to reveal that both surgical and non-surgical groups improved significantly, and only 26% of the non-surgicals went on to have surgery within the year. While many patients may benefit from undergoing surgical intervention, the authors acknowledge that surgery carries certain risks including blood clots and post-operative stiffness. They also state that those patients who undergo a physical therapy regiment prior to undergoing surgery, have a faster recovery.

If you, or someone you know, is considering having a knee replacement. Please speak to your surgeon about undergoing a trial of physical therapy before surgery. For information on pre- and post-operative rehabilitation options, speak with one of the professional staff at Howard Physical Therapy by calling 716-656-1880.

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By lemaster 05 Oct, 2017

In a continuing effort to provide the highest quality of service to our patients, Howard Physical Therapy has recently added Optishot 2 golf simulator technology to out Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) training program. The TPI program is designed to help golfers play better golf, in a safer manner, by improving strength, flexibility, posture and swing mechanics. Unlike many indoor facilities, where the golfer simply hits into a net, the Optishot 2 system uses state-of-the art LED technology to analyze your individual swing. Clubhead speed, clubface, and swing path are all monitored for each swing, and used, to project your ball flight on a 47″ high-definition screen. Whether you are hitting balls on a virtual driving range, or actually playing on one of several virtual courses, the Optishot 2 simulator, and your TPI instruction, will help take your game to a whole new level. For more information on our TPI Golf Rehabilitation and Fitness, or our many other rehabilitation services, call 716-656-1880.

By lemaster 05 Oct, 2017

As the American public continues to battle its growing problem with obesity, Physical Therapists are serving a greater role in helping patients manage their weight and improve their activity level. An increasing number of people are consulting with Physical Therapists on an annual basis to obtain a “Movement Assessment.” This annual evaluation looks at a variety of physical factors, including balance, flexibility, strength and body mass index (BMI), and allows comparison to previous evaluations. This comparison helps to identify early changes before they become problematic. Early recognition, and intervention, to reduce obesity has been linked to a wide number of health benefits including reducing the risk of developing diabetes, and reducing the painful effects of osteoarthritis in the spine and extremities. In addition, early recognition of changes in balance, strength or flexibility, reduces the risk of falls or injury.

At Howard Physical Therapy, we have been providing annual “Fitness Screenings” for the past several years. These evaluations have proven to be good indicators of a person’s fitness, and also, a good measure of the effectiveness of their current exercise or fitness regiment. Many of those that are evaluated are reporting that they exercising regularly. However, their exercise programs often do not address their  specific needs. In addition, our staff offers recommendations on  various exercise monitoring, and will provide guidelines and suggestions for nutrition consideration.

Physical Therapy is no longer just about rehabilitation after injury. Experts are recognizing the important role physical therapy can play in prevention. For more information, or to schedule a “Movement Assessment” or “Fitness Screen,” contact Howard Physical Therapy by calling 716-656-1880. Remember, it is “Your Health…Your Choice!”

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