Hand and Wrist Therapy

Limitations related to Hands, Fingers and Wrists

At Howard Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to providing a great rehabilitation program made for people suffering from hand, finger, or wrist problems. Our hand and wrist therapy is customized to fit each patient’s needs and is performed by our attentive, board-certified therapists. Our staff is experienced in the hands and wrist and know just how delicate the movements can be. 
During your therapy sessions, we work to improve your hands’ functioning through exercise, friction massage, and instruction in desensitization of scar tissue. On top of that, we’re also able to use electrical stimulation, ultrasound, whirlpool, paraffin wax, LASER and iontophoresis. The many treatment options we offer make it so we can treat a wide array of patients and ailments. No two hands are the same, and we work to find the best way to increase function and reduce pain. See below for some of the conditions we treat. 

Conditions We Treat

  • Fractures of the Hand & Wrist
  • Carpal Tunnel & Cubital Tunnel
  • Overuse Injuries & Cumulative Trauma
  • Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Tendon Injuries & Tendonitis
  • Nerve Injuries & Repairs
  • Compression & Crush Injuries
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Edema, Pain & Scar Management
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