Functional Evaluations

Functional Capacity

A functional capacity evaluation is a unique analysis of a person usually after being injured at work. Howard Physical Therapy is proud to be one of the only facilities in Western New York to offer this type of testing. Our staff has more than 23 years of experience performing FCEs and relies on statistics and data when offering a professional recommendation. We identify behavioral factors such as symptom magnification when determining the potential of an injured worker. We take our testing format from the standards of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Not only that, but our services have also been requested by national medical evaluation services and functional capacity networks, such as BTE, from across the country. 

Benefits of FCE:

At Howard Physical Therapy, you’ll receive the very best care when getting an FCE performed by us, including: 
  • Testing available within 48 hours of referral/request
  • Final reports available within 48 hours (same day upon request)
  • Standardized testing that complies with NYS Workers’ Compensation guidelines
  • Computer-generated report with statistical analysis
  • Objective measurements with normative and/or bilateral comparisons
  • Line-item comparison to essential work functions (when available)
  • Clear, concise summary of findings and recommendations
  • We handle all paperwork and notification of the patient prior to testing
If you’d like to schedule a functional capacity evaluation, contact us today. We’ll be able to fit you in as soon as we can. 
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