Balance Training

Balancing and Falling

As we age, the risk of falling continues to increase as our muscles weaken and our balance starts to decrease. The fact is that women are more likely to fall than men, and 66% of people who fall will experience another within 6 months. Balance training is essential at avoiding this possibility. Studies have shown that balance and strengthening exercises have been shown to reduce the risk of falling by 33%. It’s very typical for those who are elderly to not take time to exercise regularly and they’re often the ones who experience falls, mostly inside their homes.

Balancing Exercises

At Howard Physical Therapy, we have a specially designed program that is set up to help those improve their strength and balance, which will in turn work to prevent falls. Our rehabilitation program is led by our licensed physical therapists treating people who have experienced dizziness or poor balance. With our complete set of training exercises, we want to help you be more in tune with your body and avoid those falls. We also work to help people with vestibular system issues and even refer you to the specialists that can help you the most. 

Aside from improving your own function, we can also suggest improvements to your home life. This includes moving furniture around or getting rid of hazards that have been shown to cause falls in people who aren’t where they need to be physically. We want to help you avoid any serious injuries that result from falling, so call us today and be proactive by improving your balance. 
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